Brand Service

Hisunny Chemical is a manufacturer of our three production sites, meanwhile, we provide a range of services based on our professional experience with customs, knowing what they want and how to approve.

Hisunny Chemical also wants to be the STRATEGIC PARTNER for more and more companies with our below Superiority:

·        Production sites:
1.Sanming,Fujian 2.Changzhou,Jiangsu 3.Zibo,Shandong

·        Having extensive in house synthetic and manufacturing capabilities

·        Providing a full range Products, and integrated production chain for Customers

·        Promoting Trial test and creatively solutions exploiting an unique set of technologies

·        Ensuring high quality and Competitive Pricing proposition by continuously improving every process and manufacturing

Our value:

·        Customer Satisfaction is our priority and guarantee for the future.

·        We co-develop products and projects with our partners.

·        We are passionate about the success of our projects.

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